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28+ Unique Saree Blouse Designs for Different Sarees of India

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Can you imagine a saree without a blouse? No way! Traditional blouses are just pieces of fabric stitched to cover the upper part of the body. Today, the purpose of a blouse is more than coverage. It symbolizes the unique taste and personality of a person, depending on how it is made. This is why modern women prefer creative Saree blouse designs, even for everyday and casual wear. From choosing different necks to picking from a variety of embroidery techniques, these blouses cater to all the fashion needs of the present times. So, read along to explore some of the latest designs.

Features Of Saree Blouses:

Here are some of the trending features of Saree Blouses:

  • Saree blouses are short length garments, measuring from the neck to above the navel.
  • They are designed in a variety of fabrics like cotton, georgette, chiffon, net, satin, and even elastane materials.
  • Blouses are also available in printed patterns, solid colours, and textured designs.
  • The neck and back of the neck are prominent in terms of styling. You can get to choose between a high neck, medium neck, and deep neck patterns.
  • Sleeves are also important and styles like ruffles, fringes, elbow sleeves, cap style sleeves are ruling the market.
  • Added embellishments like Maggam works, brooches, patchworks, tassels, and Doris elevate the beauty of your blouse.

How To Choose a Saree Blouse?

Follow these expert tips to get the perfect blouse for your saree:

  • When it comes to choosing a blouse, make sure the fit is right. Nothing can be worse than an ill-fitted blouse.
  • If you are a heavy busted woman, avoid wearing embellished blouses, as they can add more bulk.
  • Petite women can go for sweetheart’s necks and embroidered blouses to look bigger than their size.
  • Women with toned bodies can confidently wear halter necks, strapless and backless blouses.
  • Those with long necks can go for collared necks, high necks, and boat neck designs.
  • Short sleeve blouses are broad-shouldered women, while those with narrow sizes can go for full sleeves blouses.
  • Women with voluptuous bodies can go for concealed shouldered for a slimmer look.

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