South Indian Bridal Hairstyle with Flowers for Wedding Glamour

Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Indian bridal hairstyle with flowers: Flowers play a major role in weddings in all cultures, but have you ever attended a south Indian wedding? Brides are decked up with flowers and south bridal hairstyle with flowers is a major trend during this wonderful occasion. In Andhra it’s known as Pelli poola Jada, in Tamil Nadu it’s known as Poo alangaram and in Kerala, it is known as Poo Chuttal. Indian bridal hairstyle with flowers is matched according to the costume color of the bride and it takes almost 2 hours to decorate the bridal hairstyle. Cute pendants are available to fix onto the hair, and on these pendants, hairdressers fix additional flowers in an eye-pleasing way so the bride looks stunning. Twenty years back the bride could never lift her head up, south bridal hairstyle with flowers used to be very heavy.


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