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Your fashion competitors are always hunting to see the trend you are following. It’s not all about envious fumes but sometimes you just love the look your mirror reflects. Blouse designs are one of them which will accentuate your ethnic saree looks to the best. The online marketplace is providing you an array of classy and sophisticated look with these designer blouse types, one can find easy ways of trying more glamorous sarees at every event time. Try these marvelous blouse designs and draw instant appreciations. Shun the looks of over-flown pins and hooks to avoid a clumsy appearance.

Tension not and start your designer venture now! Here are top 15 blouse designs which can amplify your looks in a jiffy.

1. Round Neck Blouse

If you are in a hassle and tired of thinking any creative design for your daily wear saree blouse, just order round neck design and you are all sorted. This designed readymade blouses are available on every online shopping portal or you can also ask your tailor to design one for you. These are simple and save your time limits as well. Give a dash of style statement by making cap sleeves with horizontal silhouettes.

2. Square Neck Blouse

Square neck designs are best when you have a narrow bust frame or lean shoulders. This design is the simplest of its kind and is available in various back or front open patterns. Even you can try deep square necks with Dori knots to showcase serious appeal. Of course, you are serious about your fashion! Try bright hues this summer.

3. Chinese Collar Blouse

Chinese collar blouses are the hit of this 2016 session. This type of blouse design offers you a high profile look yet with simple tailoring. One of the latest blouse designs, Chinese collar blouse designs showers pretty appeal when tried with crepe, chiffon, cotton sarees and embroidered sarees.
If you have a skinny or lean figure, try starched cotton sarees with Chinese collar blouse. It will help you to look fuller.

4. High Neck Blouse

High neck blouse designs are the linked chain between Mandarin or Chinese collar blouses and closed neck blouses. But this choice gives you a handsome leverage while opting simple or plain sarees and embroidered or embellished ones are the bonus points. To make it really charming, put on heavily embroidered or mirror work on upper necklines as shown and flaunt your sassy neck among the gossip makers.

5. Halter Neck Blouse

Well, this one is strictly for those with medium busts coverage. The automatic pear design at the front will spruce your whole look in an instant. With halter neck blouse designs, one can never feel short of fashion sense among the trendy mass. They look great on all type of sarees but never forget to match it up with your body type.

6. Spaghetti Strap Blouse

Who says spaghetti are for western dresses only? Well here is the colorful spectrum of spaghetti strap blouses which are only for fashion divas. Straps can be made of anything like a net, fabricated flowers, Doris, beads, metallic chains or anything as quirky as you can imagine. They look ravishing for all occasions and apt if have a framed structure as well.

7. Tube Style Blouse

Tube style blouses are the most desperate ones which flaunt its nude-style with zero coverage and strapless appeal. Most favorites of our bold Bollywood beauties like Jacqueline Fernandez, tube style blouses are best with heavy embroidered or patch worked sarees. Let it be as simple as it looks and shows off your neckline by wearing a metallic single choker.
This style is actually the oldest one which is loved by our women ancestors. Remember?

8. Sheer Sleeves Blouse

Sheer is the new word for fashion divas and every next Bollywood actress is trying out for this look. Looks sober yet hot, sheer full sleeves blouse are a must try for every woman. They are currently trending and thus you just can’t miss the opportunity to grasp the eyes of your audience. Net blouse designs offer such kind of sheer appeal.

9. Backless Blouse

Explore some of the best backless blouses from the exclusive collection available at the markets. The backs of these blouses are mostly supported with sleek thread or knot or 1/4th coverage fabric as shown here.

10. Shirt Style Blouse

Latest in trend and most adorable one, shirt style blouses are the hit of 2016 seasons. Exquisite in look, these blouses are very comfy for your every street loiter and great even at festival timings. It western appeal will surely gain you loads of gazes and draw attention from the south poles. Available in various patterns and designs, try a sheer shirt or pom-pom designed shirts for these types of blouses. Nowadays, the design of blouse for lehengas is also getting inspired by this style.

11. Cape Style Blouse

Popularised by the Bollywood darling, Sonam Kapoor, cape style blouses are little confusing yet adorable by 8/10 fashionistas. Due to their flowy and dreamy appeal, this design of blouse images an interesting impression on every fashion lover’s mind.

Cape style blouses are best worn with silk, chiffon, satin or alike breezy fabric sarees. Complement them with a light yet traditional jewelry to grab more focus on your creative flow.

12. Bodysuit Blouse

Bodysuit blouses are the best when it comes to fitting and comfort. Catch this blouse type and ask your tailor for the design of blouse with full sleeves, it will give your look more base. As shown here, sheer shape bodysuit blouses are the best alternatives for corset style blouses. Go with the bare look with these type of designer blouses.

13. Bra Style Blouse

If Pee Cee can do that, then why don’t you? Catch the celebrity looks by purchasing best-designed bra style blouses this season. Set the stage on fire and let your back-stabbers go melt out of amaze. LOL!
Make the design of blouse neck simple and intact or you can go with bow design at the back.

14. One Side Shoulder Blouse

This category is for those who want elegance and sassiness and cuteness all in one basket. One side shoulder blouse is now in the heavy demand for the fashion sensible mass. Check out two tones or embroidered single sleeve while ordering this type of blouse.
They are great when worn with chiffon, floral printed sarees, which will ultimately ignite the spirit of feminity.

15. Jacket Style Blouse

Fashion never dies, even if you are in your 40s or 50s or more! Grab a sophisticated and diligent appeal while grabbing jacket style blouses for yourself. This design of blouse back for saree will look awesome with typically traditional sarees such as Kanjeevaram saree, Banarasi silk saree or related more.
You can go bare by adhering this look but do forget to put on lavish rings as shown here.

16. Jeweled Neck Blouse

Of course, jewels are invoked by gods for beauties on Earth. Both are incomplete without each other. And thus this type of jeweled blouse design for every woman is perfect. What else can be the best!?

These blouses come with exquisite gems attached either to their collar or neckline. This exclusive ornamentation forms a vehement feminine pattern which enhances the elegance of sarees. You can pair them with sheer sarees or any designer saree. Jeweled neck blouses are available in heavyweight and thus best for party occasions. Avoid over makeup or ornamenting because the blouse has its own glare to carry.

17. Knotted Saree-Blouse

Hot and sexy are the two justified words that can be used to define knotted saree blouses. They are so simple to put on and add an unparallel look to your whole appeal. Best for parties and white collar events; you can match up these types of blouses to complement with your designer saree. Sarees with chiffon, tender silk, georgette and many more fabrics will go perfectly with these types of blouses. Wear back Dori traditional necklaces as a chic complementary jewelry.

18. Corset Style Blouse

Inspired by the classics of Victorian age, corsets or corset style blouse in India are the most flattering type of blouses. They can be well paired with sarees made of net, chiffon, georgette, tissue and brocade materials. Make them more alluring by ordering your tailor for heavy embroidered, patchwork on them. If you have a toned hourglass figure, then this type is perfectly discovered for the fashionista like you. Do not over-show with heavy necklaces or maang-tikas (if the show is simple and casual), either wear a single-stranded metallic choker or go simply bare.

19. Asymmetrical Blouse

As its design displays here, it can be easily said that asymmetrical blouses fall under the contemporary design of blouses category. They have an unplanned design and cut which are not at all symmetrical. Maybe long from back or front but here is where the fun lies. These asymmetrical blouse types have greatly motivated Bollywood designer\92s fashion sense and love to create something quirk in every ethnic wear (keeping the elegance in mind!).

Wear them with traditional sarees such as with Bengali style sarees, Kanjeevaram silk sarees or Banarasi sarees. Do not forget to pitch up the look with the right selection of jewelry. These blouses are best for petite and plump women.

20. Peplum Blouse

This designer type of blouse can be worn with any type of sarees. Be it your designer saree or plain daily wear saree, peplum blouses impose a combination look of cute and sexy. These blouses proffer curvy frame to every woman and thus are opted by most of the girls. Wear it and flaunt the same among your peers. They hide unnecessary fats which peep from the sides.

21. One Hand Blouse Design

Once a sensuous style of Bollywood, one hand blouse is now used with several embellishments and back pattern. This never dying fashion escapade is the best resort when you wish to flaunt a lot but little showing your skin. Medium height or tall height girls with toned shoulder will look perfect in this style of blouse design. Catch the real essence of blouse design while pairing it with embroidered chiffon sarees. Sarees with proper ling or velvet sarees can also offer you that rev up session.

22. Long Sheer Blouse

Sheer put up the ultimate charm to any woman\92s appeal. Don\92t you think so? Well, a little lace, so-so net, and vehement embroidery at times rev up ethnic charm at an instant. And one doesn\92t need to pull up anything extra after them. Long sheer blouse showcase sheer back with light embroidery or lacework or embellishments and padded placement at the bust.

23. Back Button Blouse

You may have heard back style shirt in vogue these days but have ever thought if we can try back button blouses as well!!! Surely we can.
Keep the back of the blouse sheer to flaunt the best work of buttons and rest of the bodice can be covered with fabric. Short sleeves are more preferable in this case as long sleeves may conceal the beauty of back buttons. Pair this type of blouse with printed sarees, floral sarees and something related to them.

24. Half & Half Blouse Style

We have already discussed the type of tube style blouse and lean girls must have like it as well. But there is an extension to this style which names as half and half blouse style. Just like tube blouse, this designer blouse also covers only the best part but the same fabric also covers a little part of shoulder or arm as well.

Remember the British gowns which have had additional lace gloves with stylish long gowns? This style of blouse is said to be inspired by them. Liked it!?

25. Ruffled Neck Blouse

You must have seen and loved the intricacy of puffed sleeve blouses which have gained a lot of craze in the cities of Bengal. The puffiness and ruffled texture are well maintained throughout the design. The same motto is shown by the ruffled neck blouse. Semi silk, poly silk or some kind of starchy fabric is necessary to make them feel hot and happening. And why this is so? You got to make the whole look go sturdy and fixed at a place and this kind of fabric will help you to do so.

26. Pseudo Halter Blouse

It supposed to be a halter but Kudos Ladies, the blouse design is really unique by showcasing a back placket style instead of classic knot belt at the back. This is not it! Hold your breath for a little more sensuous style and trust me, you won\92t feel bad of your contemplating nature – this blouse design is really royal with a back side button placket which can be created out of lace. The complete formation is without sleeves and this is the plus point which makes you wear it with any kind of sarees.

27. 3 Tier Blouse Design

Well, this number is quite interesting with classic back Doris and continuing the same pattern three times. If you wish to brag off your bold attitude then you can go straight with three Dori knots and if you feel confidence is staying away from you then opt for a bold Patti at the last tier. The last one will offer you stronghold while the former one is exclusively for the fashion divas. Use large latkans or Doris for a pretty-please feel!

28. Long Cross Backless Blouse

This type of blouse is mainly adorned by pre-pleated sarees in which the blouse and saree are attached. The blouses need not be padded but the slightest addition of pads may give you a bolder and complete frame. The additional back straps which are crossing their way will be as useful as halters.

Fashion Theory:
• Wear it with a solid and heavyweight saree to catch the frame.
• Pearl embellishments or jewels will be great to compliment with this type of attire.
• Try out high clean bun to highlight the design and pattern of the blouse.

29. Collared & Bottom Attached

A wish come granted for those who yearned a lot for halter blouses and backless feel. Well, another addition this has is a collar which well designed and tied at the back. Well, you can take some serious inspiration from this one and ask your tailor to use some lycra around the fabric to knit this kind of blouse design and pattern.

Fashion Theory:
• You need to complement this type of blouse with lace or net sarees so that the peer can peep through the masterpiece.
• Catch up the essence by wearing large stud earrings to highlight the ravish-ness of the blouse and jewels separately.

30. Collared n Dori Tied

Let’s recall some traditional add-ups this time. This sequinned piece worn by Sonam Kapoor is looking amazing ravishing and yes I’m speechless with her mystique nature. Restoring the enigma, she chose this blouse style with utter simplicity yet with a touch of contemporariness – the blouse looks like a vest which further fitted with Doris at the end. The mandarin collar design is providing support to the whole frame.

Fashion Theory:
• Soft-hue sarees will make a delightful complement to this type of blouse.
• Wear chaand baali or polka earrings to adorn your upper part.
• A pair of embellished heavens heels in silver can be paired with this traditional attire.

31. Single Hook

What about total sheer and then tied up at the back with a single hook? Hot!!! This is what Sonam’s dressing is yelling at the top of the voice. The backless portion of the blouse is extremely delicate so it’s totally up to you, how you are carrying it afterward! A single layering of padding is necessary to support the whole frame.

Fashion Theory:
• Wear a complete sheer saree.
• Slight chikan work and light hue will adorn it.
• Pearl jewelry will be pitch-perfect to a get the princess like appeal.

32. Caged Back

The fault is in her stars; she loves to be the fashion queen of every gala! Isn’t it? And even girls\92 squad just love to ogle at her and dressing sense again and again because she has been fed with so much sense of fashion. This black and golden blouse is simple and designed amazingly in back caged style. This high collared blouse is maintaining a clever contrasting pattern at the collar and at the back with front golden. This option will be great for the amateur saree wearers, who are a little less confident while picking out backless staples because this type of blouse pattern isn’t delicate at all and doesn’t require 24X7 attention.

Fashion Theory:
• Wear them with low naval pant style saree.
• The collar and petticoat or paint color should be same.
• Antique jewelry will dazzle your complete appeal.

33. Backless Jewelled Hook

Look closely and you will notice that the back flap of the blouse is sitting comfortably on the nape. Embellished with pretty sequins and small CZs, this blouse pattern showcases the delicate artistry to be teamed with floral sarees. With semi-sheer design, this blouse is risked with a delicate single hook at the back.

Fashion Theory:
• Neither sheer not velvet-like, but a semi-transparent saree like georgette will complement this blouse style.
• The back flap needs to heavy in weight so that it can sit comfortably on your nape.
• While giving instructions for the stitching, focus mainly on the side hemlines.

34. Sheer N Deep Strapped Blouse Design

Velvet blouses will be perfect for this stylish backless blouse pattern. A sheer net attachment will redefine you glamour whereas velvet is a serious touch of sophistication. The blouse is then simply tied with a long knot or bow. Even the sheer sleeves showcase a scintillating effect on the wearer and the dressing sense as well. This is a classy choice for any kind of plain blouse design.

Fashion Theory:
\95 Use silky fabrics to make this kind of blouse design.
\95 Wear velvet, georgette, net, and chiffon sarees to highlight the beauty of the dress.
\95 Light shimmer on the cheeks and a little bit of smoky makeup will be apt for the glow.
\95 Try this design with dark colors.

35. Dori Pattern Backless Blouse

This is the most popular type of backless choli or blouse that women used to wear with lehengas and ghagras. With proper broad bottom hook strap and sleek Dori at the top, this traditional blouse backless style is a real steal worthy piece.

Fashion Theory:
\95 Try sequinned or mirror worked blouse patterns for some extra glare.
\95 Padded blouse is always used for this type of backless staple, so make sure they are perfectly fitted.
\95 A few extra latkans at the end of the Dori will look sophisticated and make you dazzle from the back as well.

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