15 Irresistible Designer Silk Saree Blouse Ideas For The Brides

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The silk sarees are well-known for their radiant beauty and an unparalleled assortment of colors and designs. These silk sarees are well-known for being the traditional bridal outfit for a lot of Indian brides. No Indian wedding is complete without the elegant and luxurious sarees crafted with pure silk.

We prefer wearing vibrant colored sarees at the wedding. The traditional pure silk sarees is popular internationally for its glamour and aesthetic beauty. Finding bridal blouse can be daunting; hence we have put together 15 irresistible designer silk saree blouse ideas for the brides.

1. Heavy Embroidered Back Criss Cross Blouse Design

Let’s begin with my favorite part of the blouse and, admittedly is for a lot of women (the back). This back neck design is an unusual combination of a criss-cross is used to enhance the heavy embroidery. Talk about ethnic touches and creativity!

2. Stone And Zari Work Blouse

Among all the blouses, the stonework is very sought-after due to the sparkling stones that spruce up the ethnicity of this silk blouse. The colored stonework comes in various shapes like oval, circle, square, rectangle and when made on a blouse, it can beautify your entire saree look. Silk blouses with green and red colored stonework are perfect to be worn during weddings.

3. Beautiful Unique Beads Design Blouse

Let the sparkles of style shine splendidly as you stroll down in this red and golden-hued half sleeve blouse design with beautiful beadwork. With craft and patterns that encapsulate the rich Indian heritage, this blouse is a sheer portrayal of the vibrant charming past.

4. Elephant Design Sleeves Blouse

This is a visual treat for each one of the individuals who have a keen interest in fashion. In this way, in case you’re one of them, don’t lose your opportunity to weave the story of fashion and nothing is better than the intricate elephant design on the sleeves.

The comparatively higher neckline of the blouse makes it look extremely elegant, particularly for pattu sarees. The design adds a contemporary touch to the conventional saree, and themes like elephants just add to the ethnic components of the overall outfit.

5. Beautiful Cut Out Blouse

A beautiful cut out blouse with bridegroom picture at the back makes this blouse one of its kind and graceful. Blouses like these will elevate your saree and will be the highlight of the overall look.

6. Contrast Blouse With Zari Work On The Elbow Part

Imagine a scenario in which you would prefer not to go the standard way, however, want a twist. Truly, you absolutely could. Take a gander at this blend of a usual red silk blouse with embroidered bordered sleeves for a wedding outfit. The blouse complements the brilliant shading on the saree, in addition, we cherish how the green is made to modestly pop out.

7. Plain Golden Silk Blouse With Rich Border

Sometimes plain, the half hand sleeves blouses can add a rich and luxurious look to the conventional silk saree. It is quite popular with wedding sarees. They have a big border of the same color which lends a graceful look to your silk saree.

8. Full Embroidered Blouse

Combine this orange colored pattu saree with a heavy embroidery work blouse. The intricate and heavy embroidery work with a touch red and gold is a treat for the eyes. The gold embroidery emerges and complements the blouse.

9. Red And Golden Embroidery & Green Silk Blouse

South Indian wedding sarees are typically a blend of red and yellow or a blend of shades that fall under both of them. The best part about these sarees is that the heavily embroidered blouses bring appeal and magnificence without looking noisy. Despite the fact that a ton of it depends on the design and the weaving, it will give you a million dollar look if done well.

10. Unique Back Design Blouse For Bride

Give your basic silk saree a little twist with this unique back design blouse that spotlights on the sleeves and back neck. Besides, the vivid patterns with a high-neck collar detail give it a regal feel.

11. Jhumki Embroidered Blouse Designs

This rich blue colored blouse along with jhumki embroidered blouse designs adds to the overall look of the outfit. The jhumki details are something that isn’t found everywhere.

12. Decorative Sleeves With Peacock Blouse Design

This one will most definitely go right into your ‘all-time-favorite’ list. Matching this heavily decorated blouse with a rich cream saree with make you look every bit of diva that you are. The peacock design of the embroidery is mind-blowing, and really one of its kind.

13. Simple & Elegant Square Neck Blouse

In the event that you don’t want to wear a revealing blouse with silk sarees and you aren’t happy with flaunting so much skin, then simply pick this kind of design. You don’t always need elaborate blouse design. At times, simplicity is the best. So in the event that you have a heavily decorated silk bridal saree, then opting for simple and elegant square neck blouse is the best.

14. Deep Back With Strings Blouse

If you are searching for a bridal blouse, then heavy work can be your best bet. Subtle yet lavish, exactly how the most brides incline towards. The deep back with strings makes the blouse even more attractive and sensuous. Designs like this one are great for bridal sarees.

15. Beautiful Artistic Sleeves Blouse

Not just the embroidery work, the sleeve design, and style also create a beautiful vibe. A beautiful looking embroidered blouse with alluring sleeves can add a great deal of style to your conventional silk saree.

With this catalog, you are truly spoilt for choice. However, we women can never have enough sarees. So keep this list handy, and you will be able to use them anytime you require. These blouses will allow you to steal the limelight as you should as a bride.

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