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bracelet of round and biconical beads.
1. Transparent beads, acrylic, matte, red, 8 mm.
2. Bikonus beads, glass, green, 6 mm.
3. Round beads, glass, blue, 3 mm.
4. Crimps, brass, silver, 2 mm x 1.2 mm (clamping beads).
5. The Lobster Drum.
6. Jewelry wire, 0.38 mm.
7. Pliers and round nose pliers.

Step-by-step photos:
1. Cut off a cable about 80cm long. We pass it through a lobster ring. Please note that
both ends of the cable must be of the same length. Then we pass the two ends through the crimp and clamp it with the pliers.

2.Through the blue bead 3 mm we pass the two ends from both sides. We tighten it.

3. Begin to enter the green, blue and red beads in turn to the upper end of the cable. A red bead on the lower end.

4. Through beads 3 mm we pass the ends from two sides.

5. Next, in the upper end, we introduce a red bead. Then red, blue and green one at a time to the lower end.

7. Repeat steps 2-5 until we reach the desired length.



8. Going out their beads 3 mm, through the krimp pass the cables.
Further, we pass them through a connecting ring on a lobster. We tighten them together.

9. Clamp the crimp.

10. We pass unnecessary ends through several neighboring beads.



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