Embroidered flower

All the embroidery technique is the ability to perform stitch rococo, or shell-like curl. The elegant rococo twisted seams create on canvas graceful subtle patterns that can be decorated with knitted, woven, denim items, tablecloths, and napkins. Classic embroidered flower rose rococo often used to decorate things. Before you begin to flower embroidery, learn how to make a stitch Rococo. Stitching needle must be the same over the entire length in the thickness, without expanding to the eyelet. To fine fabrics for embroidery, choose thin x / w thread, embroidery on knitted things appropriate to use woolen thread. On the wrong side of the web of the injection needle, bringing the thread to the right side in the top of the next stitch. Next, insert the needle at the lowest point of the future of the stitch (founded

On the free end of the needle, the thread is wound. The coils are arranged densely from the base to a height equal to the length of the next stitch, or a little more, but not less.
Hold your left thumb wound thread, pull through her needle and thread. Squaring naviv of yarn, fasten stitch the needle through the lowest point of his foundation. To carry out the next seam from the inside output the needle into the top of the next stitch. When you rotate the joints rococo work so that the seam before you were upright. Embroidery rosettes can use any thread, depending on their thickness will flower or miniature or fluffy bulk rose flower size also depends on the number of stitches. Embroider the rose with the kick. Make three small seam Rococo 7 th, 9 th turns. Around the center of the flower make the first row of stitches Rococo with 15 turns. When placing sutures twists them into a spiral. In the following ranks, increase the number of turns in stitches and make them longer. Leaves for the flower consists of two stitches Rococo with shared vertices. Rosettes can be embroidered monochrome, but using a thread of several colors or shades, flower take vivid.


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