Here’s a bird can be made from the leaves.
I offer a brief MC.
We need:
1. Figure birds (for the job I chose Redstart).
2. The sheet of plain white paper.
3. The weight of papier-mache.
4. Dried leaves. In this paper: small – wild rose, willow, barberry.

We print out a bird drawing or draw out its outline on a normal white sheet.

Forming the volume using mass papier-mache. You can not bring to perfection. The main thing is to keep yourself clear boundaries wings and head.
I did hack “on his knees” and simply knead toilet paper with PVA and water.
Giving dry completely (for speed Dried on battery All survived..))

Dried cut along the contour and begin to stick the leaves-feathers. For my work fit perfectly wild rose leaves. Hot glued plastic.
Leaves are close to each other, so as not to seem scales, namely feathers.

More close-up.
When pasting a little go on the wing.

Reaching up to the neck, I left the large leaves for a more expressive transition from the body to the head. But this is optional.

Accepted by the wing.
Location leaves, feathers, I spied the picture. Willow leaves very well come to this role.

Next, comes the “amateur”. I used thin leaves of barberry and larger – rosehip.
My hack was a photo contest, so I had to make the wing more expressive. Because of this “shoulder” of the wing, I was doing after a head, but for realism, it is better to finish the wing, and then, to cover his head.

Eye – trimmed husks and seeds beak – the whole seed.

Head pasted over “round”, with its leaves closer to each other. Thus, the head will be fluffy and voluminous.

Finish the “shoulder” of the wing.
So it is possible and “legs” to make voluminous using papier-mache, but I was running out time. I simply painted it. And photos of my attempts will not be visible. 😉


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