Adventures in Whitework embroidery

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Welcome to the beginning of my adventures with whitework embroidery! I am a total newbie. Whitework has always intrigued and intimidated me. Especially cut work and drawn thread work.

It was easier for me to keep the stitch even by drawing lines as a guide.


To practice some white work stitching, I decided to start with a very small floral pattern.

It is a portion of this free pattern I found on Needle n’ Thread. (She has so many free patterns!!)

Here is the finished project.

Stitched with: French knots, stem, satin and Mountmellick stitch.

I did not follow the “rules” of stitching on sheen fabric with matte cotton. I used regular DMC floss (Blanc) and a tea towel. Although, I wish I used different fabric. I was stitching very tight – which I tend to do and need to work on – so there are holes in the fabric from my pulling the stitches too tight. Oh well! It’s a learning process!

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