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Vase and flowers made of natural materials

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A bouquet of flowers is always a pleasure to take a woman, especially if it is made by hands of her child. Therefore, for any occasion, and just like that, to set the mood, you can make yourself an unusual floral bouquet. By the way, a vase, made with his own hands, perfectly complement the bouquet of hand-made, which in this master class are invited to make, using cones and seeds of trees. With such crafts from natural materials easily cope children of kindergarten age. Especially in the manufacture of such compositions, the children will practice skills gluing, cutting and sculpting clay.

Materials and tools:

– bumps;

– seeds of trees;

– clay;

Р green;

– floral tape;

– tin cans olives, mushrooms, etc .;

– twine;

– beads;

– Tape with ornament;

– skewers for barbecue;

– glue;

– a pair of scissors.

First began making a homemade vase, which take the tin (if it opens a can opener, it would take masculine strength for removing the cover remains) and paste it with string, not necessarily to apply the adhesive to the entire surface of the can, hold two vertical stripes enough, which fix the string.

The lower and upper edge of the glued ribbon with ornament. And in the middle or just separate beads or- here such as the photo the finished string of beads of different sizes. Here and ready our vase, which we so easily made with your own hands!

Now we turn to the production of flowers. Pinch off a small piece of yellow clay is rolled it into a ball, which is placed on skewers for kebabs. Then press down the bottom part of the ball on the skewer – it turns out that something like a pear on a stick.

Torn off from the seeds of trees and branches around the perimeter of the plasticine ball inserted into each seed individually.

We turned a flower hat.

Now we proceed to flowers. What secateurs or scissors cut off the scales and scissors cut off at the bottom so that they form a triangle, so it is easier to insert into the clay flake.

Flake can make two kinds of colors. For example, insert them so that their outside was outside.

The second option – the scales are prepared in the same way as for the first option, they simply inserted into the inner side of the top.

From corrugating paper green cut into an arbitrary length and thickness of the leaves with a blunt tip that is twisted flagellum (of course, nicer look when floret on leaf 2).

Glue the leaves of flagella to skewer.

The lower part of yellow plasticine (under the petals), green clay paste. A very skewer floral tape (it is better to take the green, I did not have this color, and I took the other).

Strictly speaking, that’s it! Our flowers from natural materials are ready, we will put a vase, we have also made their own hands! Nature is generous to paint flowers can be of different color. We also can make any color by our color. On the cones and seeds of trees lies well any paint: gouache, acrylic paint, and nail polish. Only if thinks bright, colorful bouquet, it is desirable to color the petals before their insertion into the clay (otherwise it is likely that the clay will be painted in this color). In the present MK flowers have not painted anything, there gouache (a red flower from the cones) and petals covered with transparent nail polish with sparkles – Show your imagination and you will make a bright colorful bouquet. Have a good mood and success!



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