unusual weaving

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In fact, it is more like a braided cord of our tubes. There are many options.

In order to get just such a picture, you need an odd number of stanchions.
So our working tube (a) all the time top risers and cord we drag it to them.
First, we start cord on top of the riser tube on top of our tubes.

Next, we draw out our work a pipe string above and below it.

And then draw out the cord next riser

Then we applied our working tube and from under her derive the cord upwards.

Further repeat pattern. Lace or braid take the glomerulus, which would not bind, and enough for all the work. Figure very quickly, especially after the second series, when it scaled know where to start and what you need. I am somewhat flattened tubes.

Now about the joints. Since our work is always the top tube, the joints, we do not hide behind stanchions. Because I made the connection to the place where it will be held on top of the joint tape.

Cut at an acute angle to the tube junction.

Coat with glue. Although I always connect workers tubes without adhesive. Then I tried to place the connection was not very noticeable.

Here junction then we’ll cover our braid.

Well, something like this is not very noticeable.

Here it turns out a drawing.

It looks like our weaving vnuiri. Is even nothing))))

And it is in the finished product. On the bottom of decoupage.

Here is a decorative vase.

Or pot.


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