How to Star Gazing Constellation Jar

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Star gazing is one of my favorite things. Ever since learning about them in junior high, I’ve loved looking upwards and pointing out the constellations I could remember and be in awe of their impressive sight. With summer right around the corner, I have hopes of spending a few late nights gazing at them again.

Because of my love of the stars, when my daughter was little, I purchased her a night light that shines stars all over her bedroom walls. After seeing a few light-filled jars on Pinterest, I had an idea to fill a jar with the constellations — and I was able to do it using items I had around the house!

What you’ll need:
– a wide mouth jar – The jar needs to be wide enough to fit the small click light inside. A pickle jar works great.
– a disposable cake pan
– small click light, like these
-an awl
– scissors

Cut a strip of the cake pan long enough to fit around inside the jar and tall enough to reach the very top of the jar. Use a spoon to brandish out any writing or crinkled parts.

Use the awl to poke holes for the constellations. Mine are not accurately placed, it is only a small strip of aluminum after all. I included Hercules, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Draco, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Orion, Cancer, and Gemini.

I connected the constellation dots with a silver Sharpie to make them easier to spot.

Fill in the other space with more holes. Make the holes smaller than the ones used to make the constellations because it will set the constellations apart.

Roll the aluminum sheet until it fits snug inside the jar. Hold the circle in place by cutting two tabs and folding them in opposite directions.

Put the encircled aluminum sheet inside the jar. Turn the click light on and place it inside. Top with the lid. I spray painted my jar lid. It looks nicer and smells less like pickles


Take into a dark room and enjoy.

The night sky in a holdable form. I connected the dots below so you can see them too. The Little Dipper, the Big Dipper, Draco and part of Orion.

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