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How to sew a bag of jeans

I really enjoyed working with denim. I am doing this tedious work with pleasure, which, however, it is strange to even to myself. Reviewing stocks of old jeans that are neatly stacked in a huge bag, I decided to make a couple of rucksacks. Denim backpack – it is convenient and practical little thing.

In the days of my childhood, I was considered a backpack bag for school. Now, the modern fashion is not without backpacks. Backpack wear almost everything: children, young people and young people of middle age, and slightly aged youth. Backpack, made of old jeans has its own decor: pocket, lines, brands, making it original and unique.

Today I want to talk about tailoring 2 rucksacks, one for boys and one for girls.

Sew girly backpack I have an in the presence of the lower part of the leg.

Cut off the bottom of the leg and the top align.

Ripped leg and straighten the fabric.

Next, align the fabric, the seam was in the center, cut off the excess. Thus we get the width – 35 cm, length – 32 cm.

Next to execute my ideas needed finishing cloth and yarn number 30 pink, which, in fact, available.

I decided to try my machine resource and decorate the front of the backpack decorative stitches.

Selecting a number of interesting lines of I defer canvas.

Quite an interesting result.

We connect two webs facing inwards.

In the lower corners of the reserve hole in order to lend to the cord and secure.

Pen our backpack acquired 4 m cord desired color.

from strip width of 14 cm and a length of 37 cm of the finishing fabrics.

Tuck the edges, stitched by. Next, we add up the strips widows.


Furnishing fabrics to sew the top of our backpack.

Next cord.



The next stage – the consolidation of the cord at the bottom of a backpack. Is threaded into the hole and fasten the reverse side.





Backpack for girls ready.


Getting started making a backpack for a boy. In stock, we have old jeans.

Cut off the tops of jeans.

Ripped legs, Rip out pockets belt loops and cut.

I draw your attention to the fact that the stitched seam I did not account for the backpack center and cut off jeans, not to reduce the size of a backpack. Width – 44 cm, length – 35 cm Do you understand the magnitude depends on the width of backpack sleeve jeans.

Unlike female backpack to secure the cord we use the belt loops of his jeans.



For finishing male backpack acquired denim 0.20 m and 4 m of blue cord.

The sequence of the job is the same as in the women’s backpack, so we’ll just photo.








Backpack ready for the boy.



I received a lot of pleasure from work. The result pleased me. Now I will wait for evaluating the owners of these rucksacks.


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