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Giant Vase

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you can use the cardboard circle. It’s faster. Small stands halves of the sheet magazine, newspaper first weave tubes (1 \ 5 of the sweeping of the page)

Raise the small stands up photo 5-6

We pass several rows of rope to fix up small stands . This foot vase and we do it. Sides use tubes from the floor of the leaf pages of the magazine, they are soft and easy to fall between dense small stands.

Sides two tubes that I used in weaving. Left – small stands in the bottom of the vase, right tube twisted with a half cover !!! magazine. It is dense and thicker. Thin, we used to go from the bottom  (there is a strong bend), then everything is building up small stands thick dense tubes. They will keep the shape of the vase. So do before narrowing at the neck of the vase, there will again be a thin tube

Small stands built up and went in the bins found cover fromthat broader bottom of the vase. And put the lid between . She hangs on them.

Here is my cover, and here’s my weaving underneath. Then I spun newspaper tubes, they revolve Snack and soft enough to use. Depending on how high the lid may be wide vase. The lower lid, the wider the vase and vice versa.

Here, the width is sufficient now leveled small stands. Simply bend them inwards to become perpendicular to the floor.

10 rows straight.

Now small stands inside. trying to bend down every lap small stands, until they begin toeach other tips.

To the tops of small stands are not confused, I bend them as in the photo. Simultaneously their beautiful smooth thin tubes for turning-in. Pletom as long as the gap between the small stands will not be reduced so that will have to weave in two small stands at the same time

Weave two small stands two rows

After two series of aligned small stands   and 5 rows in two small stands. This is the neck of the vase.

Now we plant paired small stands apart and  rope for each small stands while  neck.

Side can best be seen. Small stands are increasing our Gorny tubes and pletom Bending.

Bending can make any. I made four rods. Detail it is in the recording of “MK for Nastia. How do I make the leaky basket.”

vase ready !!! If someone thinks that it is small, then see the next picture

Girlfriend came the twenty-fifth time and again begged her to do a vase. In order to make coffee and sweets in the future, I decided to fulfill her wish. At the same time, and you throw in MK. So, get ready. It must be different types of tubes. But, in order. photo 17


Well, my pretty painted. I like … And you ??

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