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To make such a daisy, we need:

1. (out of sour cream or white bottle (Tang, Ira, or something else))
3.Nozh office
4.Lineyka protractor
5.Pistolet adhesive
6.Paket for yellow garbage
… just not all there in the photo

and so begin …
cut off from the glass rim and bottom, leaving a flat piece of glass

is now cut in half

and another half are now cut flat rectangles

I was able to rectangle 5 cm wide (can be 4 cm. in general depends on how big you want to make a daisy)

Now cut into strips of about 5 mm. I cut into the eye 🙂
tips sharpen the bit

cut from the beaker bottom circle diameter Screw 2 cm.

In addition, each tab bends about 3-5 mm. not sharpened edge and start

the first row I  crosswise, the second in a staggered manner, ie. petal interm petals
1 and 2, a series of petals 8

row – 16 petals, but as you can see the remaining gaps between the petals, you can of course, and so leave but I did4, 4 number took me for 32 petals

as in a number of 4 petals very much I  into 4 pieces. those. I  4 petals counterclockwise, then stepped back 4 spaces between the petals and the beginning of the glue from the handle to the blade clockwise closing gaps, etc., is to ultimately we did not call it formed a hump in the center of the flower

and so the color itself is ready now doing midway
if someone wants to make a daisy on the stalk, then a small hole in the middle, make a stalk of wire threaded through her flower and only then fasten the middle of a

and for the midway, take the package to the yellow trash

we cut 4 strips about 1.5-2 cm. wide and I got 11 cm. long, cut off the portion where the seam and tie

We put a, something on the table, so as not to spoil it, my desk is no longer threatens! 🙂 add up one by one our stripes, hold a ruler leaving about 1 cm.

and now we begin to shred our ribbons 🙂
line very strongly pressed, unnecessarily. package and nars escape from the knife, much prodavlivaya knife make an incision about 1 mm. how to get a little fatter, a little thinner is nothing wrong

is such a fringe turned out, do not rush it to fluff up, to begin with …

Clamp firmly with tweezers tip and start spinning …

Well, something like this, the tips of the anchoring or glue or tape, so as not to uncoil

that’s what happens …

Now from the fringe leaving about 1 mm. And the rest is cut off cleanly office knife firmly holding onto the fringe, that has not collapsed

drip glue in the middle of a flower, and our dent to our middle of a tightly presses, wait until the glue hardens then fluffs

And here they are, the beauty

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