Simple Pot Painting

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Paint and decorate a pot using glitters, crystals, and stones. You can use this decorated pot as a flower vase.



  • A pot
  • Pearl fabric colors
  • Black paint
  • Glitter – silver & green
  • Sequins
  • Crystals or glass stones
  • Painting brush

Coat the entire pot in black. Leave to dry.

Draw flower designs on it using a white colored pencil. Choose a design that suits the size of the pot.

Paint flowers first. Do not dilute paint. Clean & dry paint brush.

Paint vines and leaves in green.

Clean brush with water and dry between colors.

Apply glitter glue to the center of each flower.

Place crystals or glass stones on wet glitter glue and gently press in with the back of your brush.

Outline each flower with glitter glue. Use green colored glitter for the vine.

Beautiful pot is ready now. The cost of making a pot of this kind is very low. They take little time to make but are beautiful.

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