How to Make Quilling Wall Decor for Your Home!

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When you think about interesting projects for your home, Quilling wall frames add a totally new dimension to your living room. Using basics of quilling art like colorful quilling strips. Wall decoration ideas and unique Quilling Designs give your home a beautiful touch and feel and bring beauty and vibes of festiveness to your house.

Let us learn how to make a paper quilling wall hanging Step-by-Step!

Material Required


  • Colored Paper
  • Quilling Strips
  • Quilling Needle
  • Craft Glue
  • Decorative Stones
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Procedure to Make the Quilling Shell Wall Decoration

Step 1: Draw the shape of a shell on a paper.

Step 2: Join a Red, Yellow, Blue quilling strip and form a closed tight coil.

Step 3: Start to cut the quilling strips to the size and shape required to make the topmost part of the shell.

Step 4: Make sure you paste these small cut outs of quilling strips, vertically.

Step 5: Make closed tear drop shaped coil & petal shaped coils and paste them to form the design as shown.

Step 6: Follow this by making tight rolls by dividing quilling strips into 5 parts.

Step 7: Paste and join red and yellow strips together and make tight coils with them. Arrange them to form a border for the Shell.

Step 8: To make the s-scrolls divide and cut a quilling strip in 12 parts. Make multiple of such S-scrolls for filling the inside space of the shell’s tip

Step 9: The next coils that you have to make are the petal shaped drop shaped ones.

Step 10: Paste the multicolored coils and S-scrolls in the shell that we made earlier.

Step 11: Begin filling the space inside the shell by pasting quilling strips vertically and inserting small tight coils in between.

Step 12: Add the pink & red S-scrolls, in the end, to give an appealing look to the shell.

Step 13: Give the Shell a decorative appeal by pasting stones.

What are you waiting for! Pick up your quilling strips and quilling needle and get started with making this colorful Quilling Art Shell.

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