How to make panels in the piers

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This is closer to the former.

It made them brighter and added butterflies and dragonflies.

That’s how it looks.

And this is how to draw the veins on slips rod initially thick, inserted pieces of thin spokes and tighten bolts on the sides.

That I show my form gypsum (they certainly cookie) Visible ceiling slab liked it all so that it turns everything quickly and made to order with these leaves and flowers vase (flowers on the inside customized knife-hand vase.I beautifully laid down on the bulged cover leaves varnish, they become seems vase.Mozhet my ideas someone will be useful, especially if you need to quickly make.I else to do colored paint (green, red) I add a gold acrylic gouache color that I need (only in silver-blue).Ottenki receives a warm, beautiful, with golden Olivo.

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