To create various decorations can be used here is a “fake” pearls of polymer clay master class is not difficult so that it can overpower anyone.
We need:

  • Premo Pearl or similar polymer clay
  • Pearl or similar pearlescent powders in white, pale gold, pale blue and pale pink
  • knives
  • blades
  • soft brush

Step 1: Thoroughly mash polymer clay.

Step 2: Create the beads from polymer clay size. While not worry about blending the powder, because it will give unnecessary discoloration.

Step 3: Sprinkle a little pearl powder into a small bag with zipper. If the base color is too intense, mix it with white powder in a ratio of 1: 3. This will give a softer color.

Step 4: Place the bag in a clay bowl (do turn!) And shake it. Remove the “pearl” of the bag and roll on a flat surface to the powder in the surface indentations of clay.

Step 5: Create the required shape pearls – round, oval or egg-shaped. Natural pearls are not always in a perfectly smooth ball.

Step 6: Using the blade of a knife rolls the your “pearls” on a sheet for baking. Smooth the surface of the “pearls” that they are not left fingerprints or scratches, which can spoil the appearance of “pearls”.

Step 7: Once the “pearl” cool, gently wipe them with a soft cloth to remove excess powder. Cover the “pearl” of one or two layers of varnish.

Step 8: At the end of the form to your pearls in a beautiful frame, natural or clay.


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