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Flower vase of plastic bottles

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Materials simple partial:

  • PVA,
  • t.bumaga,
  • napkins,
  • plastic bottles,
  • Bank 3L,
  • Scotch.

The fastening tape of the bottle, do 1Ch (neck to the neck) and 6 pairs (bedplate to the bottom).

And so here we connect the bottles with duct tape.

On top of our design, we put the jar and fasten with tape. Well, that’s all, our base is ready, on the matter of papier-mache. The first two layers napkins and PVA are not diluted, and then t.bumaga and pva1: 1 with water.

Here stand.Poslednie layers do napkins (the surface is more smooth and level)

Draw pattern using glue pistols.

flowers of different caliber, size and color glued-gun.

With a napkin and fillings do the pattern.

Causing putty, wipe immediately  1-2chasa.

That’s all dried up,

We are painted with paint

Here you have a putty.

the vase can be safely put, it is convenient to wash (hand passes freely)






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