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Wonderful basket of twine, which can put fruit. candy, cookies, and use for the Easter holiday. She is a very nice fit in the interior of your home.


three types of twine: cotton, jute and linen thread banking; glue “Titan”; pliers; scissors; wire (hard and soft to handle for decorative items); plastic bowl (for the base); slides (can be replaced by packages); cotton buds; picture butterfly; beads.

With the help of cotton sticks and glue “Titan” make out the inner surface of the bowl.

The bottom is not circular, so that the angles glued separately., And then in a circle …

A scourge to process chain from cotton, jute twine of double flat knots.


I change the thread and continue …

I get just such a chain.

For the lower chain used two strands of 1.70 cm, and on to the upper 2.10 cm. Glued chains and get …

Outer side.

The technology is still the same … to start from the bottom, use a cotton twine.


I do handle of stiff wire.

Glue it on the “Titan” and just keep on top of the wire draw the outer part of the bowl.

I get …


For registration of the top outer portion of the basket chain plot twines of three. For this purpose, the thread takes long by 2.20 cm (chain obtained in this case 59 cm).

I fix the first two strands.

Scourge double flat knot cotton twine.

Then I fix double flat knot banking linen thread and the Scourge all nodes alternating strands as in the previous chain

Clay weaved together the chain along the top edge.

I get …

Pens decor.

Scourge left-sided coiled cord – is a flat node where the thread goes left bottom and right top. Fusilli twists itself. Cotton twine takes 4 meters.

Like this…


The ends of the twine hiding under a chain of flat knots sized and cut the threads.


I get …

Scourge left-sided coiled cord from the banking linen thread, to process the bottom.

Four threads at the heart of (their length slightly longer than the length of the future cable + one thread 2 meters.

Like this…

Ready glue cord at the bottom.

Butterfly. As a basis I took a picture from the Internet, I need it just to not break out the size, and then jute filigree (as you can perform the flowers).

Grease twine and glue spread pattern. Everything is very simple…

I continue …

Like that…

I leave to dry.

And while curls of soft wire.

The required length of the wire wrapped with twine, previously put on the wire glue “Titan” cotton swab.

The resulting wire is wound on a pencil.

Hats and pull.

Glue in place.

When the butterfly is completely dry, peel it from the excess glue and glued in place.


Soft wire + glue + twine.

Flowers can be made in the technique of filigree jute (variants have other baskets). There is nothing complicated, just add imagination. Dwell will not at this moment.

I moisten the twine in the adhesive and create.



It can be woven flowers using the technique of macrame.

Fixes two strands: one 2 meters (in the middle), and another 1 meter.

Scourge flat double knots pulling the thread out of the middle.


…. You’re just getting glue

Draws up a job to finish. I glue all the items and add beads.

So ready to basket looks at the daily sanctification …..

From different sides…










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