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How to make lily flower with corn leaves


1. First, prepare one ear and skin of the ear and bring it slowly. Skin that is too dry ear shattering.

In this section we provide some glue

4. The final figure for each goal should be as shown below

in this section include the following:
(5) In this section the paper sheet as the first part of the plan to create the image below.
6. Based on the model of ear skin incision pay.
7. part of the upper skin with a yellowish color. Spray paint or gouache colors you can use.
8. Some high wire as yellow skin and stems prepared as shown below in the beginning of the wrap wire

in this section include the following:
9. Leaves skin cut from ear to have wrapped the wire at the top of the skin above the paste.
10. The edges of the flowers to wrap around it.
11. This section is ironing hair to help put down the bend edge. Of course, do it slowly.
12. Finally lily flower is ready to continue with ribbons or tape wires green cover

Finally you have been able to make lily flower ear skin. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Note : when the crafts are made for us in terms of picture and send it to other users view it. Tell us teach our support site for you


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