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How to make a lantern with pot

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we have tried to provide a number of pots in different sizes and changes to make it a very beautiful lanterns. The method is easy to build such a craft in a short time can make a lantern with a pot

First 4 pot large, medium, small and mini vases make. There are also two small potted also be purchased below.

in this section or edge of the first three pots the size of Bzzrg average are small with white color.
Also part of the bottom of the pot with red paint, you paint


in the middle pots that have stained red with the window down. Vertical rectangular windows to be sound.

To be precise you drag a rectangle in the middle of a sheet of paper and use it as a template

In this section the mat and small pots as shown below with blue paint color

are three large pots, medium and small in order to stick together. Following the pattern of an image.
Also at the top of the pot on a saucer with adhesive tape.


This is a small mini pot on the mat reverse and stick together

Finally, you have been able to make a lantern with pot.

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