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Today, I suggest you a recipe, – daisy flowers from paper

My little armful of daisies.

So they look at the back.

And here I wondered at the bottom of a daisy – likes, dislikes, likes ……
I decided to stop, and so it is understandable. After all, we are together in ’34 will fall.

The next step – from the smallest flower (1.5 cm), just attach the petal shape (a little uncomfortable, too small) and cut in half.
Take it, Macao and glue in the nest,,,, helping toothpick seat. I first six halves of the plant, and then be sure that enough for five. Next, cut into a length of 24cm yellow stripes. and a width of 5mm. (I folded it in half, so quickly cut) I paper of 130g.


In the hardware store bought wire cord for garters colors. More bites and, in general – a find!

delays in a beautiful wrapper, and went to work. Bared wire twists forceps bodied
first, roll and flooded adhesive (two drops included). I did just 30 pieces.

When the glue has dried, adhesive planting green floret on average Punch (2.5 cm)
glued to various embodiments of reducing 5 petals. Decided it’s better as it is – 8.
One glued on sepal, one at a flower and gave dry (1 min.), Then glued together

nd leaves for chamomile. Daisies are so many different varieties and leaves. I chose this brand.
On the holes do not pay attend first,,,, skeletons pinned and he broke down at this point.

density 270gr. Width 1.5 mm strips.
Again, use a hole punch of medium size (2.5 cm.)

Take leaf tip tweezers and glue

Joints skeletons, I also covered leaf.

I think that would look good.


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