Waterfall from a mug

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In order to make such a waterfall, we need glue (I “Titan”), an empty transparent plastic bottle, scissors, a plate, and noggin. Best of all coffee steam, because of noggin in this pair of light and well-kept.

Cut here are two Circuits

Here they are on the other hand

Holding the over fire (candle, lighter, hotplate), attach the desired shape our Circuits, but so that the top and bottom turned “tabs” that need to be glued to a plate and mug.

Next, I cut a bottle of glue residue and good has covered our Circuits

Like this

One part is glued to the outside of the cup, the second to the inside and at the same time do our best to tightly glue together two Circuits. But, as I later realized, it would be better to stick and one, and a second inside.

Then I needed to make something, so everything froze in the right shape to me. That such a structure had to build And I left it all to dry for two days.

Two days later noggin has great powers, the glue is completely froze

Now I have taken all the same glue “Titan” and generously filled the gaps between the Circuits, which could not be glued together, poured edges and poured glue into the cup, letting it drain naturally. But I have a fresh glue, so ran down very quickly and did not have time to freeze droplets on Circuits. We had a few times with your finger to draw a plate stёkshy in glue and replaced in the mug.

Then, when I and my family thought my design began to resemble something like a waterfall, I started to decor … My fantasy was only enough for this))) Nevertheless, I am very happy, I do not like)) ) Although now come up with the idea that the “trickle of water” could be made thinner,  slightly blue tint liquid dye to make it a bit bluish, and the bottom plates paste any picture that mimics the seabed.

Here is the close …

And so)))

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