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How often we do not even suspect that the most simple and at times seemingly unnecessary things can make an interesting subject that decorates our house. So dream a little and creatively to the point, it is possible from an ordinary glass bottle to make a beautiful and original vase.

To work required:

• Glass bottle;
• twine;
• beads
• fishing line;
• PVA glue;
• Glue “Moment of Crystal” (transparent).
Take a glass bottle, for example of wine. Coated with a bottle of PVA glue and tightly wrapped with twine her. The coils of twine are very close to each other. So we make out the main part of the bottle.

The bottle will decorate beads. To this end, stringing beads on fishing line. Fix the extreme bead bundle. Coated with a bottle neck and PVA glue and fasten thread with beads on the same principle as the twine. Drum thread with beads to the top. We reserve the bottle a little dry.

Then we continue our vase decoration. Again strung beads on fishing line. We make a few short strands. Do not forget to attach extreme beads. And because these yarns bead layout patterns on the part of the bottle, which is decorated with string (photo 4). Patterns fastened by glue “Moment of Crystal”. It is clear, therefore, not visible on the twine.

When the bottle is fully decorated, leave it to dry. You can then top coat varnish bottle and again thoroughly dried. Now we can admire his handiwork.

Depending on which form of the bottle you choose, it can be used for several purposes. If the wide-mouthed bottle, as in our case, we get the vase is not only interesting element of decor in your room, but you can use it directly on the destination and put flowers there. A bouquet of flowers can be a real, living, bouquets or it will be a composition of dried flowers. And maybe a vase will be complemented by a man-made bouquet of flowers. For example, the flowers made of beads or cobbled together from polymer clay. If the bottle has a different shape, it is, in any case, will be a real decoration of your interior.


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