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Well, what if the female soul needs beauty every day? The answer is – to create her own hands. For example, an ordinary hairpin can turn that’s a miracle. The main desire and learn to master such a transformation will help …

– the most simple and cheap barrette (from her need is closure – automatic)
– felt or drape
– a piece of skin
– a plastic napkin
– Twisted waxed cord
– glue “Moment”
– monofilament or fishing line
– a large button on the stem,
– supplies for costume jewelery
– 2 black beads, and beads and beads in the color buttons.

That is clearly what we need.

1. With the help of a cardboard pattern plot the path of the future masterpiece in the drape or felt (thin drape can glue adhesive interlining), a plastic cloth (this is specifically for the hotter it most suitable thickness and flexibility) and a piece of leather. Cut the skin and drape with an allowance of 0.5 cm., And the plastic is exactly the pattern (cut out 2 pieces).


2. On the drape along the contour of the pattern pave bright thread basting to the foundation in the process is not deformed or skewed. It is planned to cross the middle and just do a cross slot under the button. Insert a button into the slot and fasten it from the inside thread. The edges of the buttons is better sticking to the basis for the reliability, inserting it under the cord.


3. The winding button cord When sewing it to the base of every 0.5 cm. On the last lap we do the top and bottom hinges at large beads. Cord End hide under the loop and sew. To make it look nice and a mahram, I recommend to cut it on the bias and treat glue “Moment”. The loop is inserted beads and fasten them with beads.


4. Around the buttons do braided with beads: beads strung on monofilament and sew it through each bead. Just proceed with beads: entwine them around the cord.


5. At the end of the braid by a loop cord neatly sew embroidery pattern. The pattern can embroider arbitrarily. Just do not forget that on the other hand it should be the same. Hooking the cord better every 0.2 – 0.3 cm seam couched stitch technique.

6. Fill the space between the turns of the cord all the beauty: embroider with beads, beads for jewelry and accessories.
It might look like this:

7. Now for the underside of our masterpiece. First you need a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the clip mechanism and pull out the removable parts. One plastic envisage the pattern holes to clamp and cut their nail scissors. On the pattern of leather, too, need to identify these holes and make cuts with a cross. Between the plastic clamp Pattern paste it, and then on top of glue leather detail.


8. On the front side on the plastic glue our embroidered basis. Thus, we have to cut is two layers: the drape and the skin. Circumcision by trained and thread sheathed with first hand obmetochnym seam, and then string suture couched stitch technique. Here it is:

9. Now oboshem hairpin on the front side as well as we did braid buttons. We print on a string of beads and fasten each bead.
That’s all. Cinderella can go to the ball.



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