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I needed following: a transparent plate, a napkin with a pattern, acrylic paint (white, blue and pearl – blue, citric, emerald green and pink), a sponge, the medium, an alcohol-based lacquer, pearl circuit.

Take a transparent glass plate. Thoroughly wash it and wipe with alcohol.




Dip a sponge into the medium, followed by yellow and pink paint and put on a plate. I wanted to achieve tide scales.

Atop dealt pearl blue. Smearing a little paint, to avoid sharp color transitions.

Cover so the whole plate.

And, immediately, without waiting for drying, blue dye (I have a cobalt blue).

Lightly kilned paint sharp object (removing paint therebetween) simulating scales

or pebbles (as anyone seen).

I got this:

After drying, I fix an alcohol-based varnish. It dries very quickly.

I paste the picture torn from a napkin. Properly dried.

I cover spirit varnish and paint for cooking background. Because background on a napkin yellow,

I add in white paint – yellow.

evenly paint the entire plate (several layers,

each well)


Here’s what I got. It can be seen that does not tell the color of the background, perforation on a napkin,

small air bubbles.

I take a tube with an outline and begin to “cast” to hide all the flaws.

I paint over “pearls” light background and “flakes.”




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