See how simple weaving technique can make such lovely pots for flowers. They weave of thick sisal twine. Planters not only decorate the window but also protect the root ball from the hot sun and from the autumn and the winter cold.
We engaged in this predominantly male in his spare time, who wore it with a string, and took on the job, for example, in the woods. In moments of rest wove itself cuff at the wrist, which is not only decorated but also protect your hands while working on the wounds. Later, the woman began to weave this technique for yourself warm clamps on the neck and cushions made of thick wool.
1. “skeleton” for the manufacture of a flower pot and two circles of cardboard with a diameter of about 1.5 cm greater than the upper and lower diameter of the slide. Both circles equidistant make cuts. 2. In the center of each circle will make two holes. In the smaller circle through these holes will extend the twine as you can see in the photo, and then both ends into the drain hole in the bottom of the pot. After that will extend the twine through the holes in the circle and tighten twine to both the circle densely sitting on the pot. 3. This prepared the “skeleton” and put on the top-down and bottom-up as the basis of the twine pots. To obtain a uniform basis necessary that the upper and lower circles had the same equidistant incisions. 4. From the coil cut off quite a long piece of string, fold it in half, through the first string of the basics and start twisting two fibers at a time, as you can see in the photo. One part of the conduct and the other by a thread base in areas crossing from the base thread and crossed threads of twine together. 5. Continue to weave the warp thread between the strands pots. Thick Sisal Twine is better not to tie a knot, and add the two ends together and connect them born. Tousled ends cut off obliquely. 6. After weaving weave untie the rope, pulling together both the circle “skeleton” and loosen it to remove the netting. End of weaving in and hide can before that they tighten a little edge, and sew up the cut. 7. To weave colorful pots for flowers, you need to unwind part of the twine and the paints for fabric or stained wood. Once dry yarn can weave columns. To weave a pattern need








8. If the working frame is used several times, it may happen that the teeth are bent circles and thread will slide off. In this case, contact the warp threads so as you can see in the photo. 9. It is possible to weave a course different patterns, such as weaving squares. To do this, woven square on several bases Threads, repeat it in the middle of pots and at the upper edge. Threads of different colors fill the remaining gaps. 10.  one option –  weaving: weaving one thread, weaving occasionally uneven pieces of colored yarn. Their ends are hiding inside. After removing the pots from the forms still edge and the end.




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