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Today, we want to offer you to make your own hands the original organizer for your desktop. Thing useful in any home and office.

2mm Thick cardboard (I had from my cardboard hobbies), yes, it was he, child, lonely near the scissors.
Artistic cardboard or paper for scrapbooking. I came across a wonderful cardboard imitating brocade.
Clay Moment Crystal, PVA, masking tape.
Paints, brushes, scissors, rulers, etc.
for decoration. I want to say, be sure to look for in their cities wholesale and retail base, selling accessories. Purchased cost 4 times cheaper than in-store fabric.

First, draw a sketch of what it is we want from their organizer. So, we will have a compartment for pencils (top middle), paper box (on the right), clips/buttons (drawer), phone and e-pass (on the left). Prompt standard sizes:. Unit for recording – 9 x 9 cm, the length of the cells to handle – 10 cm measure our phones, make up the height of the drawer and write on a piece of paper.
Cut the cardboard rectangles do not forget to sign, because then easy to lose a piece of what. Merge basis using our irreplaceable moments. It is possible and the PVA, but I do not have enough patience. The drawer is not even drawn because the gluing of the main frame sizes are always changing.

Glued joints in the frame armiruem masking tape. This is done in order to strengthen the corners and hide the ugly joints. Inside, too, need all the glue tape!

Paint over all the edges of a mixture of PVA and acrylic paint to match the selected decorative cardboard. I understand that in the first scrapbooking pasted decorative coating, and then the edges are tinted, but I will not do that – the cardboard does not allow. Therefore paint surface before pasting. Inside, by the way, I missed with color, there I have another board will now be visible.

Cut decorative cardboard. It is best to again carefully measured the size of the plane.

Wallpapers like this: the very basis of PVA, Bonded edge of cardboard – time

Wallpapers organizer cardboard insides of a different color. Please note, if one-sided cardboard (drawing on only one side, and the other ugly), all non-rectangular elements are drawn in mirror image. Here, by the way, look, inside organizer somewhere visible lilacky joints.

Now is the time to do a partition in the left compartment and a drawer.
Box collect on the same principle as that of the main part but do not forget again fathom hole into which will enter the box. Its height, width, length must be reduced to 3.2 mm in order to free sliding. Be careful here every millimeter of influence on the final result.
The partition stain.

To glue the front panel of the box and immediately install the handle. You can take a button with a leg can be strung on a wire bead, and I took a metal bell. Poking a hole in the front of the drawer, drip to super-glue and insert the leg bells/buttons. Wait until you fall asleep tightly. For the embodiment with the wire must make two holes and attach the wire ends from the back side of the front panel. It is best to hot glue.

Wallpapers drawer. And the partition too. The partition is simply inserted into the left Front, it enters so tightly fastened that somehow is not specifically required. Unless otherwise – the glue to help!

Getting the most pleasant – the decor. We expand on the surface, an example.

No, once more to shift the ornaments.

Here in this embodiment, and stop. Rhinestones are mounted on the liquid nails. This is the only glue that I was not fretting mirror substrate crystals.

We admire the result.

Out of it.

The box bigger.

Fill contents.


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