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Organizer for the Bracelets

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Here is such a compact organizer
you can do with their hands out of scrap materials)
It will surprise guests and delight you every day!)
Very convenient to all holds, it does not slip and does not stretch!

As a basis, I have taken here such here cones from Babin with sewing thread.
(in any of their establishments simply throw tons)
But if you do not have near the studio, use cardboard
The glue-like structure of a rectangle and two circles.

In addition to the cones we need:
– Scotch
Р Film
– Double Sided Tape
– Melange Yarn
– PVA glue

I glued them together, well-wound place joint tape
Top film wrapped package, in order to achieve the desired thickness
, and again wrapped tightly with tape)
Adhesive tape, our all!)

Further, this adhesive tape sticking double sided tape)
Here is my favorite technique begins melange)

Take your favorite color and start to gently paste our figure
Try as accurately as possible to determine the center! In order not to distort the circle

Paste and gradually covered with glue PVA
in the long part of the organizer, you can pull the thread stronger, if you fear that made it too thick
or do not pull)
I do not pull

That finished and covered together with white glue, give to dry
(the second will cover The bottom of then when dry it bedplate)
Dries all fast, all the organizer can do for one night)
and the reliability of the night once again covered with glue
or varnish transparent to your discretion

That’s the beauty awaits us at the end)


Closer center)
I like it!
A live look even juicier and more interesting
can be put on the bottom and kept upright
so takes up less space
A can be placed horizontally if the shelf is low
and so and so comfortable and beautiful)

Thank you for attention!


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