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Make a bright red paper flower decorate your home

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With cutting tools cut flowers, you not only make paper flowers faster but also can create many ways to make beautiful flowers!


To make paper flowers, you need to prepare the following materials:

– Paper thin red flowers

Blue quill paper (or you cut the green paper into long strips)

– Zinc to cut flowers, plastic leaves, round pistil black, white beads

– Tools: scissors, milk glue, blue wax roll, glass cup, thin foam sheet

– 9-bladed flower stapler.

Use two red flowers with 9 petals. Place the first flower on the thin porous sheet, using a curved head with a slight curve on the petals to create a concave curve. Similarly, press all the remaining petals to make the flower curve. Then, you overturn the flower just bend the petals, press lightly in the middle of the cotton to create curvaceous so that the flowers bent round curved naturally.

Similarly, you curl the second flower, pour a little milk glue into the circle between the first flower. Place the second flower on top so that the petals compare, using the top of the stick between the flowers. You stick a round black pistil between the flowers. Note: If you have less flower petals, you have 3 layers of flowers.

Place the top of the blue paper strips in the small gap between the tool tip and begin to roll clockwise into a flat circle, using a glue of milk glued to the top of the paper strips.

You use the quilling head of the quill push the center of the roll of paper roll down to the top of the paper. Then, you take the zinc thread head pierced the middle of the petal, a little twisted zinc thread. Pour the milk into the calyx to keep the shape of the flower and put the flower on top. Next, place the leaf beneath the flower, so that the zinc of the leaf and the stalk are close together, wrap the outer green wax around the leaf and flower. Red flowers with beautiful little leaves have been completed.

You can make paper flowers this way to decorate the greeting card is also very lovely.I wish you success!

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