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We need:
– paper of different colors
-clay titanium

Cut a piece of wire from the roll, tightly wrapped with crepe paper ribbon of his chosen color.
To petals and leaves of the same size are looking for a cylindrical object (we used a glue stick and a bottle of titanium and the very glue). Carefully glue – entwine wire, twist the ends and remove. Then you can give the petal or leaf desired shape.

Grease petal glue titanium and attached to the sacking.
After 10-15 minutes, can be cut.

Cut the petals next to the wire. They are obtained, surprisingly strong.
Next, form a flower from any number of petals.

Pretends composition …



This technology can make a brooch on a coat or a fur coat (while winding the wire should be not afraid of moisture material), but you can make the most decorative butterfly or dragonfly and can be a hairpin, but you can … you think of that!


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