Decoupage with fabric to decorate ceramic dishes

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A special idea with a special product … Today I propose to try with me to do decoupage with cloth on some of the objects of our dishes. I wanted to have some special dishes for when my friends come or I have other visitors at home and doing it with fabric designs was what I wanted most. And the new dishwasher-resistant Mod Podge decoupage tail was the perfect product. In this step by step, I will tell you how I did the idea and the basic tips that should be taken into account. Come on?

We need:

  • Dishes or ceramics that we want to customize.
  • Cola for decoupage for the dishwasher.
  • Fabrics with the design.
  • Scissors.
  • Brush.
  • Alcohol.

To make this idea I have tried a new tail for decoupage of the brand Mod Podge. It is a special resistant for washing the dishes. When I first saw him, I could not believe it. I could not wait to buy it and try it out. And this is the idea with which I am releasing it. Before beginning anything better than to read the recommendations and indications of the manufacturer.

We prepare the fabric, the tail and what we have chosen to decorate. I started with some dishes

We cut all the designs and present them on the surface that we are going to decorate.

We clean the ceramic surface before working with the glue. For this, it is good to do it with alcohol, especially with isopropyl alcohol. We hope it dries well and we start to apply the tail for decoupage in fabric designs.

In turn, we apply it on the ceramic surface where we are going to stick the design.

And we stick the design on the ceramic surface.

We repeat the same with the rest of the designs and let dry enough time. Then we apply two more layers and let dry and cure the glue for 28 days before beginning to use them.

Do not forget to cut the leftovers from the design of the edges. Once past the curing time of the glue we can use our decorated tableware and wash it without problems.

They like how they have been left?


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