How to decorate the interior of butterflies

We need:
Bright glossy paper.


Double sided tape.

Picture frame.

Or Pattern butterfly or a butterfly printed pattern.
The concept is simple. Take a page from the bright glossy magazine.

Cut into strips the width of your tie.


Try to cut out butterflies of different widths, it is much variety to the composition. Lay exemplary composition without the tape yet.

When it is determined with the final version,  on the double-sided tape. Tip: to make the composition more alive, do as if tiers – between the paper and insert the butterfly a little foam, and again at the Scotch.

It’s good to comply with smooth color transition.

All insert the “Babochkin paradise” in the frame – and enjoy this beauty.

From the color depends on the tone of the picture composition.

So it is better to think about the color scheme.Tak that the color gamut is better to think in advance.


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