preparation of base paint with gouache emulsion.
Once this meadow – background with blades of grass.
I not wanted to bouquet just want a piece of nature.

Sorry, but the photo will be cool as basically, I work. Fortunately the basis of hard, so I can sculpt and upside down, if only it was convenient.
The first – Put the stems and blades of grass.

Unveiling daisies.
Petal – ball, droplet, powder and flour your fingers to flatten in the petal.

On a small piece of paper, which is also in our turns, form a daisy petal – veins cutter and tips with small slits.

And on the basis of a seat easier. The main thing to keep the axis!

Bud. First, put a drop of white dough, then cover it stems from green, press the torch – to simulate the bud.

After finishing bottom layer of colors, flowers and recruit top to descend below.

And here we have nots. Flower – ball cake.


Wet place flower planting solution.

Push the rod of a ballpoint pen (stamen almost).

1. Chamomile, brush number 1 or 2 protein. White gouache, but not a lot about little green gouache.

I did not think the MC, just photographed the stages.

2. Green, gouache green and yellow.

Tinkerbell – blue, purple, white. Midway – yellow



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