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You will not believe – these African beads made from hands … paper! But for this kind does not say. How deceptive appearance

With an ornamental knife and a ruler, cut from the black paper pattern for each type of beads. The photograph shown left to right shape and size beads paper strips “rugby ball” – length 40 cm width 3 cm strip tapers to 6 mm; “Barrel” – length 45 cm width 3 cm strip shrinks to 1.5 cm; “Little barrel” – length 15 cm, width 8 mm.

Put each template to a sheet of white paper and draw a pencil. Cut out the blank white beads using an ornamental knife and a ruler.

each strip blade scissors. Prepared in this way the paper strip becomes supple and easy to work with.

Scissor several wooden skewers so as to obtain suitable rods. Apply to the terminal edge of a strip and begin to wind it tightly. Make sure that the edges of the beads are smooth on both sides.

When the bead is almost ready, put on the inside of the tip paper strip PVA glue stick cocktail. Secure the strip and press down for a few minutes with your finger, waiting until the adhesive sets. By repeating these steps, do the rest of the beads. Keep in mind that each wooden rod can impose up to three beads simultaneously.

Draw a cross pattern. Decide on the pattern that you want to decorate each bead. If it contains cross-band, start to put their markers, trying to keep the lines were smooth and crisp. In order to simplify the problem can first mark the outer edge of each strip, and only then paint it the middle.

We apply a protective coating. Take the flat brush and coat each bead with a thick layer of diluted glue PVA in water is to protect from moisture and decoration will not give “crumble” designs. In order to dry the beads, Take an empty cardboard box and place it on a kind of kebabs – halves of the rotisserie rod with beads on them.

Coloring beads. After the protective layer has dried, go “embellishment”. Using fabric paint relief, give free rein to their: draw beads on gold, black and white zigzags, lines, dots and everything you want. Dry beads have already tested way, and then gently remove each of them with a skewer.

Making beads. Lay on the table ready-made beads in the order selected by you. Try to get the most spectacular combination of colors, shapes, and patterns. Begin stringing beads on the line for the lace (silk, leather, elastic synthetic) or tape. Strung beads, tie a double knot lace – such nodules located between the beads, help to fix each of them in their place.

Texture pattern
embossed paint makes it more varied texture of beads, forming ridges that gently encircle their rounded surface.
Used Patterns
on beads repeat the same patterns – zigzags, lines and points. In addition, all the beads are designed in black and white and gold tones. Because of this, each of them fits into the general pattern necklace.
In Harnesses knots
tied at knots necklace not only hold the beads in place but also become part of the decorative pattern.

Beads are ready! As you can see they are made very quickly and from the available materials.

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