Even a plain white pillowcase or even a piece of unnecessary light blanket cover can be transformed into a chic beauty.we will learn how to paint the pillowcase in the technique of batik node, and our pattern will triangles. Our colors in this painting – green, purple, blue and blue.

We need:

  • single-colored cloth (preferably cotton)
  •  paper
  • cardboard (previously it should be pasted with adhesive tape)
  • Brush for drawing
  • water
  • thread with a needle
    To begin to lay out a master class and a job description and below, for clarity s all step by step photo process.

So, take tissue by 3 cm wider than the width of your pillow. The length of fabric – double the width of your pillow plus a little more fabric for the smell, add a couple of centimeters for processing the edges of pillowcases. The edges of the cloth hem on both sides.

Erase our fabric, or even soaked it. Then squeeze. The fabric should be damp.

Spread the fabric face up (the side that will face, in a sense) and fold it in half. Then both halves still half.

We should get this tape itself. Then grasp one of its corners and fold it again with one of the parties. You should get yourself a flat triangle.

Now we turn over the tape and turn down our triangle to the other side to the opposite side.

Again, we turn over and repeat our action. Make yourself these triangles accordion until-until all the tape ends.

The result we have a whole stack of small triangles. On it, we put a piece of cardboard on top and bottom and paper.

Now, using a brush to impregnate the corners of the fabric: paint.
The tip angle, painted in blue color, slightly tinted purple.

We reserve all this beauty to dry for a day.

Then remove the cardboard and unfold the fabric.

If the fabric is dried up – well, if not –  it with a hair dryer, for example.

Iron the fabric iron on both sides. To be sure, you can also in light soap solution (so goes the extra paint), and then iron the fabric again.

Fold the fabric over the obverse side and bend the smell, add further POPOP it, kill the pins and.
































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