On hand for the contours of the acrylic glass and ceramics, liquid glitter, glue rhinestones.

To start bronze jug, hiding under the paint all the flaws. Working swab.

Now black outline spend zigzags

and from leaves.

Inside sheet brush green paint.

Add yellow to the portion of the sheet.
From above, until the paint is dry, the sheet inside nGlitters

and combine them with a brush coat of paint.

Thus, acrylic dries consolidate and glitters on the surface.

Adhesive rhinestones glued along the branches.

Rhinestones can not leave like this, they will wash away. Therefore, we fix them on all sides with acrylic paint, making the petals of a flower at the same time.

The Yellow bottom three petals and blue top four:

Now bake the jug in the oven at 100 degrees for half an hour, inserting in a cold oven and removing, when it cools down.


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