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I want to show and tell the fascinating story of the transformation of the plastic caps from the cheese packaging. That this cap:


The thing, as a result, gets more sham than functional, but beautiful. Maybe some of the techniques you will still come in handy.
So, I needed to work: in fact the lid itself, acrylics, acrylic glass contour, flat paper flowers, photo, sisal, adhesive sprays (but without them you can and do).
And now in order.

cover on cardboard on a path – it will be rear wall frames. inner loop, putting tracing paper, on the oval, I will engrave the photo.

By pasting the rear of the foot

along the edge of drawing an arbitrary cap relief loop on the glass.

Once the circuit is dry, paint the lid turquoise paint. I leave it to dry.

Top brown paint and gently wash the paint with a dry cloth.

The silver paint is spoiled a little finger and spend the entire surface of the frames. At the same time paint the back wall with a leg.

Try on flowers.

In the frame pasting the substrate, the substrate sisal, and photo. Highlight the flowers “vintage” look. To do this, they get dirty ink.

… splash sprays.

Glued flowers and a rear wall.

Slightly passers-by on the surface of the gold paint.
And that’s what happened!




Thank you for attention

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