We decorate  mirror.


  • frame (in this case the mirror with wood frame)
  • white primer for smooth surfaces (only took from behind the glass)
  • can be ordinary,
  • paste acrylic embossed thin,
  • paste for super white 3D effect.
  • acrylic paints,
  • varnish,
  • putty knife,
  • palette knife

Soil preparation, dried, selected fragment (decoupage card + rice paper) Glue on, according to the idea.

Acrylic paint dorisovyvat spaces for whole image. The fine relief nanoshu paste evenly with a spatula on a frame (in my case, not all of it, has decided to leave without a slice of the volume).

Spatula make fantasy figure for plot

Well I dry. Land natural way, without the use of the dryer.

Intermediate result.

Now I draw: first, the basic background sponge on a smooth surface, a brush (optional) that do not crumbled drawing paste) basic background on pasta.

Next draw for the scene. I used 4 colors.

3D paste mixed with acrylic paint (first the lightest tone) and using the palette knife nanoshu over the existing background, depicting roses. The 3D paste add color in brighter again put on the frame, then – the darkest color. For better adhesion with the paint can drip glue PVA.

After drying (at least 12 hours), varnished

fragment closer.

This is the result.


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