Craft Decoration Quilling

corrugated paper flower

I was looking for something interesting to work with children, I remembered the picture and caught fire in the technique. I looked through all her pictures on the Internet, and like every knew how to do them. And I want to share with you.

We need:

  • ceiling tiles,
  • Titanium or glue PVA (PVA glue my super glues instantly)
  • corrugated paper,
  • napkins,
  • scissors.

Take a ceiling tile, divide in half. And on one side and we’ll do the picture.

Take the blue cloth, a very simple, single-layer and Mnemonic it.

We straighten and glue, but not all, but only the edges, it was possible to only those regions which are on the edge of the tile, on a background that is not visible from the dark stripe of glue. But my background is covered with flowers, so I taped all four sides. And if you stick only two, napkin will still hold well at the expense of flowers and leaves.

Here such at me the background, embossed and air. This sky.

Now, we do a sunflower. Do the leaves. Cut the strip to bend in half and both sides until the middle screwed on a stick, I barbecue stick.

It turned out this way.

And gently, holding with one hand, we start to squeeze the paper.

It turned out this way. Then divide the striped half and half again.

Merge edges, midway disclose.

Cut a circle of black cardboard and glue from the inside petals.

It turned out this way.

One sunflower decided to do with seeds. Glue the edges first.

And then in the middle.

It seemed little petals, decided to add more.

Like this.

And a few green leaves.

Sertsevinki rest of sunflowers made from the tissue balls.

Here is a handful did.

Now we make a frame. Also from the tissue and corrugated tubes. Oh, and glue down the green cloth, it will be grass.

Make a single tube. Those strip on a stick till the end and glue the edges.

And just squeeze it.

Remove the wand, it turns out here such tube.

Only frames I twisted tube is not on a stick and a pencil. Frames I double, two ducts, dark green is corrugated paper, light green is a napkin.

Now we need to add the dried ears of corn, the blades of grass. I just had to dry a lot of stuff, I do it for the whole basket weaved. I’ve got oats, millet and larch branches.

Kindled, glued. I’m still at the bottom then add the pine bark.

Here it is just seen her. Now do the fence. From red gofr.bumagi do double tubes. First, glue the vertical tube, and then weave horizontal. And all the glue on the glue.

It turned out this way. True husband then said that the fence hurt rare and I added more vertical tubes. While you can leave and so.


Now we make the stems. Also from single tubes.

Make leaves. Cut sheet.

Fold in half and bend oblique accordion.

Like this.

Spreads, we got here is a leaf volume.

Again fitting.

Leaves stuck.

I have added here such here corrugated leaves. And it is at the bottom of the glue spread ground tea.

Add another small dried blade of grass and little white flowers, way miter.

Now we make the dragonfly. Take the blue gofr.bumagu, do a double tube, cut to size.

And do construction thread, and then one end of the glue and glue to the other eyes – the tissue balls.

From napkins do the wings. .u I just had a napkin, which pattern resembles the veins on the wings. Cut wings bend them in half and glue. Dragonfly is ready!

Planting it in the fence. Here I just redid it. The picture is ready. On the back of the twine rope glued on the adhesive gun. The picture is very easy.

And here it is already in place!

And as always from all sides.

Fence and closer.

The top of the picture.

Seredinka. Here can be seen the small dried flowers.

Here can be seen a number of pictures.

And this image, in order to understand the size.

And once again the whole picture entirely.