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1, box with lid
2-satin, crepe satin, where a 0.5 m
3 foam 0.5m
4-gun with hot glue
5  satin
6- meter and scissors
7-flowers and leaves to decorate

Started work: we take our box we put on satin and draw out

to measure the height of our dishes

on the satin draw a circle with a diameter smooth bottom of our dishes, plus height cut 2 of the circle of satin and foam it will cover our lids and utensils from the outside, with foam doing a couple of cms less satin

contours of our cover cut 2 circles of satin and 1 of foam, it will be the inside of the cover and its edge I  sheathed

Encircles the bottom of our dishes, 2 range of satin Foam u1 This is the bottom of our dishes too  and

This blanks that need to happen


Another measure our circle of our dishes and cut rectangular billet length equal to the circumference of the height of the height of dishes + 3-4 cm
Cut 2 satin and 1 foam, these  in width and one side that is top sheathed more cut out two strips of satin:
1 width of 8 cm and a length equal to the circumference of the edge of our dishes
2- 8 cm wide and the length of the double circle of dishes
both slozhivaem doubled over the entire length and press out on the photo, they press them

on the cover from above, I pasted the circle of foam, but you can not paste, I wanted something to cover is convex, but that do not necessarily

take our big circle satin and foam, satin collect on a thread forward needle slightly contractible inside we put foam and cover, and all is well pulled together and fasten

turns like that

Take promatlasirovanny circle and glue, hiding under it all the edges, our cover is ready to

paste edge ware satin ribbon that we press them , less

will turn out like this

big tape collect on a thread forward needle, dress on the dishes above the edge glued before the tape, and tightens our thread to the desired value should look like this,

and this kind when cookware is normally not turned

Take the second major procurement and dress it on the dishes, turning inside the edge and pasting

Take promatlasirovanny long rectangle and glue inside edge slightly lower in the 3-4 cm and collecting evenly on the bottom

at the bottom we paste our promatlasirovanny circle, like this should get inside

and now decorate the outside bonding hiding place, you can take a beautiful tesemochku, I took flowers, spring after all, everyone can dream in their own way

this end result is such a spring casket turned out, the lid can not sew, it will be free to act as you can and stick with one hand on a piece of tape or glue, and she will open

I taped it opens like this

and it put 2 posudku together something to see the difference, or the transformation of Cinderella into a Princess

this bonyus for those who have had the patience to read to the end, these are the casket can be made of containers for ice cream

and this casket of here such nevzglyadnoy crockery

this is a

this is with the cover

this kind of inside, I decorated puffed turned very interesting

And it’s a little out of ice cream turned

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