Wall decoration of the CD

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Damaged CD-ROMs do not throw rises hand – they are brilliant, bright, elegant! You can try to give them a second life in the field of design. It shows a monochrome solution, but you can adjust the color of your interior.

For work, we need a brush, black acrylic paint, small screwdriver (for removing ink), pencil for drawing the pattern.
First, it is necessary to drive a brush to paint with black acrylic paint. For more even paint overlapping can use the foam swab.


Pencils on a layer of paint are applied to the pattern. If it is difficult to think of or draw a picture, you can use a stencil or print from a computer workpiece.


In the next step, we need ordinary, not very large screwdriver. To work, it needs careful not to scratch the shiny surface of the disc. The paint is removed with a smooth surface is pretty good, so with the removal of excess paint from the surface will not be problems.




So finally looks our CD-ROM. Graphics options can be set. Here it’s all about perseverance and diligence. Discs can be assembled on a single panel, you can attach them to a wall inside an empty monochrome thin frame.

Very nice this panel will look, if you add to it a bright accent – red apple and colored vase, especially if you have a monochrome interior solution.








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