Molding photo frame

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I suggest you join me to make just such a frame of the test. This is a great gift for lovers

Frames can be put on a shelf and even hang on the wall)

To start to knead the dough, as usual: 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, and almost a whole extra glass of water.

Roll out a layer of 5-7 mm thickness. We apply the template to the photo. Remember, it must be smaller than the photo on the 0.5 cm on each side.

Precisely cut off excess dough.

Now cut out the middle, and it also gently pulls out.

Somewhere it should look like the foundation for the frame

Now ordinary ruler forced veins. This can be and do. But look at what is already a pretty frame))). if you sculpt relatively recently, add a couple of flowers and leaves in the corners will not be difficult, and there will be a beautiful result)

I do not expect when the substrate is dry, first for a long time, and secondly on the raw surface is easier to fasten Circuits). Covers gouache my desired color.

Here is a semi-finished product can be said

Now do the ribbon for printing …

We put a zigzag

Brush I Burst streaks

Fantasize on

Lepim leaves. Take the dough is already tinted in green (I tinted dye for eggs). Patty press down the back of the leaf. Who has special Molde – general beauty

Such is the leaf neat

Doing it on the edges of the knife recess

We put at his discretion in the framework of different places

Here’s what happened

Now the turn of flowers. In this case, will be daisies. Take patty knife and outline the petals.

Now we sit down rod flower poking directly into the center.

Toothpick making streaks.

You can daisy do more in another way …



Now syringe stack letters from the colored dough. Lepley hearts and ladybugs

She was drying 5-7 days, I do not remember exactly … to paint watercolors. The result was a bright enough))). Then he opened the varnish for yachts, and that’s what happened.

Now it’s up to the substrate. Need a double cardboard, paperboard front (I with a pattern, but it is not required), thin ribbon strips cut from the ceiling slab.

On the frame is cut support for the legs also cut trapeze. Make the through holes in the legs and the base substrate at the bottom of the center.

Now we turn over our support and leg with an all make holes through

The holes are threaded wire several times, leaving a loop so you can hang on the wall.

on the reverse side twirl wire and hide in a hole.

Now threaded ribbon

PVA glue lubricates the substrate layer

Top glue nice cardboard)

Now laid the strip ceiling tile glue “Dragon”, and also the top we put the same glue.

Carefully putting a picture frame, and the substrate was equal stripes. We look forward to when dry, about two hours.

Now fasten the tape on the leg. Pretends as our frame will stand and not fall)

Now glue the ribbon planting.

To be beautiful, white cardboard to seal

Well, and it is ready

And pretty, and not expensive Yes, and your hands

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