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As you are vases of various shapes and sizes, like?

All these vases of his handiwork. From cardboard and salt dough! But it is a way

Long wanted to radically solve the problem of garbage on the desktop. But the head is faster than hand so this work will be considered the first part of the next set.

Sticking cardboard truncated cone.

On both sides of the inserted discs for rigidity.

Getting paste dough.

Tape off the test outside, after drying, remove the upper disc

Now, plastered inside.

While drying our future vase, we do lag

The foot is ready, you can collect a vase.


The result was a tall, measured a height of two feet and once took a sip.


Piece cut save for the future.

layer of putty.

Are painted with two layers of thick paint

Lepim dough preform for mold.

We produce mold.

Mark up the leg of the first element.

Cast all elements dekrativnye legs.

Glued gypsum blanks on PVA glue.

Similarly we produce other elements.

Mark up and nakleivaem.Lentochnye elements are made of expanded testa.Kogda all pasted enamelled bath.

Garbage Problem solved.

Or here’s another beauty. Look!

All women are such problems. I will try to help you.

Take the jar tighter and cardboard discs.

Merge truncated cone.

When the cone test and help make the bank above

With the help of a plaster bandage begin forming the shape of our amphora.


Most Bank of mayonnaise is ideal for the formation of the neck.

From cardboard collect the bottom of the vase.

Fashioned treat and plastered putty.

Vase turns so hard cardboard discs except for the reliability of the adhesive is twisted screws.

give us the necessary forms.

Preparations for pens.

Fashioned from the test pen.

Glue Pens.

Make a rim under the ornament.


Lepim ornament.

Neck cover several epoxy resin.

Prepare for painting the bottom of the vase.

Vase after painting with enamel.

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