Butterfly made of jute

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I want to share one of the types of arts and crafts – the weaving of jute twine.
The technique is easy to learn, the product obtained will be a beautiful and original gift for you and your loved ones.

For the need of drawing a sketch, a file list, jute string, scissors, tweezers, a glue such as “Titan” (transparent) adhesive tape.

Take the twine (chopped into pieces), Titan glue.
We turn off the circle of the length of twine. Apply glue on the sketch and glue the circle.


Begin to weave patterns (sliced segments of the same length).

Cut pieces of slightly smaller and duplicate patterns along the entire length of the flap. It turns a double loop.

We turn to the second wing.

Fill the entire surface of the pattern.

Entangling abdomen.




When the glue dries carefully remove its work with the file.

We make our butterfly in a frame. Gift ready. Success in creative work.

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