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Making soap – tulip.

you can create soaps of various shapes, colors, and flavors. We suggest you learn how to make soap in the shape of a tulip.


To work you will need:
– Soap base (transparent and white);
– Colors (yellow, red and green);
– Toothpicks;
– Flavoring;
– The working surface (smooth fit tiles or glass);
We start our needlework. You need to cut small pieces of soap base white and melt it in a water bath. Next, add the slightly yellow dye and flavoring. We must all thoroughly and pour onto the working surface. In the same way, you need to melt another part of the soap base is white, but it you need to add a green dye. Mix and pour onto the working surface. Give a little bit based bedding.


Now, with his own hands, using a toothpick, you need to cut from the base of yellow tulip petals from a green stem and leaves.


Next, you need to create the stem leaves and petals. For this craft, use a toothpick. The edges of the petals and leaves to be treated fingers. Veins on the sheets of paper you can do using a toothpick.


Next, you need a transparent soap base. It needs to be cut and melt. Her you will use instead of glue.


Then, you need to with your hands to form the stem and core of a flower. Do this in the same way as shown in the photos. From the mass of yellow make a core, and from green twist stem, then “merge” the two pieces of transparent soap base.


Now you need to glue the rest of the details. Please stick with their hand’s petals. They have a little go at each other. Then attach the leaves. Next, you need to mix red, yellow and green colors, and little to separate them transparent soap base. Now the finished weight, you need to paint your “tulip”. Draw with your hands on both sides of each petal veins. This will give your soap – tulip realism.


Your soap – tulip, which you have done personally is ready.



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