knitted daisies

In order to tie the hook, we need to daisy juniper bead (I took a diameter of 14 mm), thread 100% cotton yellow and white, as well as the hook size 0.9-1 mm.


Often on the Internet, I come across that needlewoman looking for master classes on how to connect the daisy crochet. Today I decided to tell you how I knit daisy flower hook, and along with the show. But since I’m knitting lingo busy, then our daisy is not normal, but on the bead.


The first thing we need to tie a hook bead, as in the middle, yellow daisy, the bead tied yellow threads.


Then fix the white thread at the base of the beads and begin daisy petals.


For this a chain of 10 aerial loops (the more loops, then the longer will be the petals) and fix it beads in the loop (after the one where the fixed thread). Thus, we get such a prototype of the future daisy petal.


We continue such petals completely the diameter of the beads, and we have already obtained similarly to a daisy flower

But we will not stop and start undergirding each petal in order to give them volume. A method of roping you can choose, I prefer the bar with nakida – for tying one petal I get 15 bars. This is how will look ready daisy petal crocheted


Now we Stored patience and tied every petal


The transition between the petals, I make out like this: at the base of the petal.


When all the petals will be ready – fix the ends of the thread on the inner side of chamomile nodules and prune them.


That’s actually all crochet daisy ready! I can use a knitted flower beads or make them elastic bands for hair!



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