Embroider beads goldfish

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Responding to a request to show the sketches, which I embroider your fish, I was a little carried away, so much so that he had received a treatise on the beaded-embroidery-fish theme. Disentangle Now!

To create such a fish, we need:

– Different beads;

– Or monofilament thread for embroidery;

– Felt or his substitute;

– Artificial leather;

– Genuine leather for the backdrop;

–  basis for brooches;

– Cardboard for gaskets;

In general, I almost never use ready-made sketches, as I prefer to paint itself. Fortunately, the goldfish was quite familiar, having the misfortune to be in the past, their owner. For those who have an idea about them only illustrations to Pushkin’s fairy tale about the granny with the trough, there are lots of photos on the net most of these goldfish of different breeds and colors. Unfortunately, my sketches kept small so as the granddaughter of them put his hand … and put the cat paws, claws, teeth, and other parts of the body …


These are sketches on which the last pack of embroidering.


Embroidered on a piece of artificial skin.


As the front using the wrong side. Wah, I understood that said that?


Flips glossy leatherette reversal down and paint on the inside of the fish. This will have to redraw, do not reinvent the wheel, remember childhood! Put a piece of skin on top of the picture and go to the window. Yeah, in the afternoon … It Windowpanes press down and redraw!


At this time, to accelerate the process, he took the most malepusenkuyu, 5 cm in length. Cloth yellowish seen, which is a piece of imitation leather? Cloth is not just in the frame glowed. Ruzhzho, which in the first act on a nail hung in the latter have to shoot! (C) It is not just a piece of cloth, and felt a substitute! Felt I spend zhaaaalko pasting on to the wrong side of leatherette. So I got into the habit to buy packages of cloth for washing utensils. They are of different colors, texture and density – the spitting image of a thin felt! And cost a penny. For the thrifty housewives embroiderers. Here the cloth and pasted under his fish.


 Then I pasting glazik. In the picture, one can see the packaging glazik that I use. In principle, they can be safely replaced beads polubusinkami, or small beads of kaboshonchikami.


But for fish and beads.


While I was lying and did not blush bags 🙂 Because this time I will not take anything, because of past fish I have stayed a couple of caps to mix bead-cutting fish colors. They and use.
First I sheathe glazik.


Then, the contour of the back and abdomen.


Now gills.


I begin to fill the belly, pre-embroidering the contour of the median strip that separates the abdomen and back.




Fill in the back.


Now that the body fish embroidered, proceed to the upper fin.


Fin embroider rows without gaps. A number of matte beads, the second – transparent. So alternating until the end. The base of the fin is in color at the beginning and at the end of white.




Now I take my tail fin. As it expands, first embroider colored rays with a matt white end.

And then fill the gaps transparent white beads.


Now lower plavnichok.


The fish is ready. You can cut out.


As usual, is pasted on the underside of the cardboard-strip, insert the pin and close the heel piece of red leather.




Sheathe on a path, and then in the region of gills picks beaded jumper between two transparent dial and beads on which the Ndebele weave plavnichok chest. Fish is small, so it is enough of such fins. The larger fishes plavnichok have to do with the expansion and longer.




That’s all. Fish launched in the general aquarium!


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