Decoupage Vase with textured surface

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Very interesting way of decoupage on textured surfaces. Such a surface can create a pre-decorated vase or bottle thread that will give it a spicy roughness. And already then decorate decoupage.

2For such a decoupage vase will need:

  • Vase or bottle
  • Small wide cup
  • PVA glue
  • Thick cotton thread white
  • Napkin with a pattern
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Acrylic paints (for additional painting of the vase)


Pour into a glass adhesive. Torn off a piece of yarn about 1.5 meters. We pull on the hand (to get moto chef). Drop a thread in the glass with glue and a bit Mnemonic to infiltrate.


Now we take the decorated object, and gently pulling on the thread edge laid her on the bottom directly on the wall from the bottom up in a circle.


We do, as shown in the photo. The thread pull is not necessary, it is better to stack with an average tension (it will pull together when dry).


That’s the bottom of a ready, go to the wall vases or bottles.


When the vase is decorated, wait until the thread dries. This usually occurs within 1-2 days, depending on the yarn thickness and the temperature in the room.

Now decorate the surface of decoupage vase. Cut the napkin drawing, remove the extra layers of


paper.decoupage vase master class 5

We pretend to be in a vase – cut off the excess if necessary.


When rounded – clipped cloth, make “tuck”.


To smear the surface of the adhesive is applied pattern and coat with a brush on top.


Similarly, you can decorate and cover the vase, if it exists.


We introduce complementary color, in this case – it’s purple. You can paint the part of the vase in a different color.


When everything is dry, cover the product with acrylic lacquer. Better opaque – so the vase will look more stylish.

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